Maintain your brand & empower your team like never before.
Give your team and partners the empowerment of personalization in their sales collateral, paired with complete control over updating messaging and design (yes, even after it is sent!).
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What are you solving with PieceKeeper?

Brand collateral that always stays current.

Outdated and expired sales collateral hurts. PieceKeeper enables brands to update the core document that their promoters are sharing to ensure any document ever sent is current and relevant.

Compliance nightmares gone.

Ensure all promotional assets are current and compliant. It doesn't matter if they were sent days, weeks, or years ago, PieceKeeper allows for absolute compliance control.

Co-branding in
a cinch.

Pair your existing assets with dynamic fields populated by your promoters with their relevant info. PieceKeeper  decentralizes the reliance on designers to create co-branded material.

Upload a template & designate

Areas To Be Personalized

Easily drag over the locations where your promoters can upload their visual and written content to personalize the asset. Allow for promoters to add their own images, text and links, but maintain control of the core message and design of the asset.

A computer displaying the PieceKeeper product.
Always Keep Assets Current By

Replacing Core Assets When Changes Are Made

Promoters distribute their collateral through links, enabling you to immediately update assets that have been sent to prospects in real time. Say goodbye to outdated or out-of-compliance collateral, no matter how long ago it was sent.

A computer displaying the PieceKeeper product.
Personal Empowerment
with Corporate Control

Enable your promoters to personalize your company's collateral in a streamlined and easy to use way, while always maintaining branding guidelines, compliance and versioning control for distribution of only your most up-to-date assets.
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